Ruby Pilven / artist intro #2

the second artist intro is the lovely, Ruby Pilven… 
emerging ceramic-artist, country girl, gypsy
& maker of the gold-kissed porcelain 'bling rings' now in-store

Ruby's work caught my eye a couple of months back 
& I was instantly drawn to her aptly-named 'bling rings'. 

individually sculpted, stained & painted by hand so no two are alike . . .
each ring is given a generous splash of gold lustre in various patterns.


Ruby grew up in Ballarat with a backyard of 10 acres & her parents' ceramic studio as her playroom. After a childhood spent watching her parents, Janine & Peter Pilven, create their wheel-thrown art at their home-studio, it's no surprise that Ruby would eventually have her own range of beautiful ceramic works. Since she learnt her craft from both parents, who are (still) practising ceramic-artists, they've become Ruby's mentors & teachers. 

Ruby now creates her own work in the same studio that she played in as a kid !

porcelain bling rings in various shapes & sizes - $35 each 

Ruby on her practice...

' The studio is very natural & comfortable for me… it can release my creative ideas with ease. And since there has been years of my parents making in the studio, it embodies a kind of sacred space for creation. 
I love exploring the concept of the unknown. My rings were a playful accident which turned into a very popular & addictive creation. I enjoy the process of making & the unknown consequences of using different methods. Sometimes the most interesting works are spontaneous & unmeditated. I guess that's why all my rings are unique… they each have a different personality & character about them.  
When I'm not in my studio, I use my temporary one… a box, my clay & tools so I can make jewellery whenever I feel the urge… kind of like a gypsy! ' 

What Ruby likes most about Australia...

' I love the colour of the earth, the smell of the trees, the beaches & the sounds of magpies in the morning . . . it is so quiet & open. ' 

There's only a few left in-store, so get them while they're hot !

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