relocating... 90 miles north of Cuba

My recent three-month hiatus, to a 2x4 sq mile island flanked by the Atlantic & the Gulf of Mexico, has redirected life in a big way. Before I travelled here in December I knew deep down I would live here again. I first visited the island of Key West in 1998 & fell in love with this last fragment of land at the end of the Florida Keys. Six months later I moved from Melbourne Australia to live on this tropical rock where I stayed for eight years. A decade later & the island has lured me back. Only those that have lived here know the way this island holds on to a part of you... a hold brave enough to draw you back. 

I reconnected with a dear friend late last year & have ventured toward love... 14,560 km / 9047 miles across the sea. Some said I was crazy, others said I was brave. I am here now, amid the salty air & warm breeze, breathing life & love once again.

falling for florin is still on vacation but will re-open soon with new stock & a fresh new look. I'm aiming for a June relaunch with beautiful new wares from Australian makers. I'll keep you posted on instagram & the blog. 

I currently have jewelry & some smaller wares available for immediate shipping. Please email for inquiries before purchasing. Items will now be shipped from the Continental US so shipping rates will be different to the Australia Post pricing you may be used to. Until the store is updated the shipping rates will be calculated manually so just send me an email if something grabs your fancy & I'll get back to you with a quote.  

Thank you for your emails, patience & support :)   

See you soon,