introducing Erica Sandgren

Emerging Adelaide jewellery artist, Erica Sandgren, creates statement pieces with her
handmade resin beads, sustainable timber & hand-knitted cord. It was a test in patience, waiting for Erica to complete her honours so she had time to make her jewellery for the store. Well worth the wait, I might add!     

tell us about your creative background & studies

I completed my Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2013 majoring in Jewellery + Metal and my Honours in 2014. I have been creating wearable works since my bachelors degree after deciding on my jewellery major.

how did your craft begin and how has it evolved to this day?

I started my bachelors degree knowing I was creative but not knowing where my talents would best fit. I took classes in different mediums with the idea that photography would be my backup option. When I started taking jewellery classes, I actually didn’t enjoy it as much as other classes, but for some reason I felt like it fit. I decided to pursue it though and never looked back. Deciding to do my honours was a big turning point. I wasn’t sure where my practice was going at the end of my bachelors and my honours helped me refine my making style and thought process.

'I never imagined I would be a jewellery artist, it just kind of evolved.' 

is there anything you’d like to share about your creative process?

I can be quite experimental with my making process and tend work on multiple projects at once. I strive to create works that are unique and completely individual, so my customers have their own handmade piece that is different to anyone else's. 

is there anything or anyone that inspires you or your work? 

I am inspired by many things which can sometimes be hard to define. Colour is a major inspiration for me. Different colour combinations and tones are constantly explored and experimented with, in my work. I’m inspired by . . . other jewellers and artists, their work and how they approach their making . . . the world around me and different aspects in nature. There are many things and it changes constantly. It’s only when I’m caught up in one project that I am generally solely inspired by one thing. 

'stay true to who you are and continue to experiment'

what has your creative journey been like so far? 

A bit of a roller coaster. Studying (especially my honours) pushed me to limits I didn’t realise were possible. It also gave me opportunities (exhibitions, stockists etc.) that may not have been possible without continuing to study and pushing my practice. It has been interesting creating and refining my own style of making and continuing to exhibit and be part of creative events . . . it has helped me continue to grow as an artist and maker.

what’s one of the most important things you’ve learnt about being an artist? 

Oh that’s a tough one. Probably to stay true to who you are and continue to experiment. I think it’s important to make sure you are making/creating work that inspires you and makes you want to keep experimenting or exploring your materials/subject matter.

is there anything you hope your artwork brings into people’s lives? 

I’d like to think I create work that brings a little happiness into people’s lives. I also hope people see an individuality and handmade quality that they connect with and appreciate.

what’s one of the most exciting things to happen in your creative career so far? 

Well because I’m still emerging, in my eyes, everything and anything that happens is pretty exciting! Each and every thing that has happened in my creative career is super exciting, the big and the small. 

'I strive to create works that are unique & completely individual'

what do you love most about Australia?

I love Australia’s landscape and people. I think it has a beautiful sense of space . . .
especially outside of the cities, but even in the cities - well Adelaide - in comparison to countries and cities overseas. I was born in England to an English mother and American father and although I loved growing up as a child in England, and visiting family in America, and am very happy we moved to Australia and call this beautiful country home. I am also honoured to be among the makers and creatives in Australia as I believe they are some of the best.

thanks for sharing with us, Erica . . .
it's great to finally have your jewels in the store!

visit Erica's maker page to view her collection