introducing Hayley Martin

emerging artist & recent VCA graduate, Hayley Martin,
creates her nature-inspired artworks with pen, ink, gouache, tape & metal-leaf
layered on watercolour paper . . .

read on to discover more about this young Australian artist

tell us about your creative background & studies

Last year I graduated from the VCA with a bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual art.

how did your craft begin and how has it evolved to this day?

I grew up in the country surrounded by nature and my parents' wonderful garden - a little oasis off the beaten track. My siblings and I would fill our days with various creative projects; painting, drawing, sewing and playing in the garden. I definitely think this upbringing has had a huge influence on the love I developed for art and creativity. I don't think those close to me were surprised when I decided to study visual art at a tertiary level. 

is there anything or anyone that inspires you or your work . . . where do you look for inspiration, or does inspiration find you? 

Absolutely! I have scraps of paper filled with scribbled notes that I have jotted down at a gallery, come across in a book, or just discovered or thought of at a certain moment . . . wherever I may be, whatever I may be doing. I came across a famous quote by Picasso a few years ago and it has stuck with me - 'inspiration exists but it has to find you working' . . . I think there is a lot of truth in it! My main source of inspiration is definitely nature - the magical colours, organic shapes and various textures that appear. 

' the beauty of the landscape continually inspires me '

what’s one of the most important things you’ve learnt about being an artist? 

Believe in yourself!

is there anything you hope your artwork brings into people’s live or gives to the world? 

Happiness. I hope the calm and organic nature of my work brings joy to people.

what’s one of the most exciting things to happen in your creative career so far? 

I had my first solo show in Melbourne earlier this year - that was pretty exciting! But even more so is when someone tells me the joy they get from my work - for me, it doesn't get any better than that! 

what do you love most about Australia?

I think Australia is a wonderful place for so many reasons! It is the beauty of the landscape that continually inspires me. 

visit Hayley's maker's page
to find a hand-picked selection of her original artwork