fresh deliveries of tasty new stock

so much goodness has arrived over the last couple of weeks
& the excitement has been too much ! 

here's a snapshot of just some of the new arrivals . . . 

Lisa Peri stoneware - visit her makers page.
More of Lisa's work arriving next week.

resin & timber jewellery by South Australian artist, Erica Sandgren

at long last, more nerikomi vessels by Ruby Pilven...
& more bling rings & half-moon necklaces will be listed by the weekend

striking tea-bowl collection by Pete Pilven
a well-established potter with over 40 years working with clay ! 
and yes, you've guessed right - Pete is Ruby's dad

delicate coloured-porcelain by Melbourne-based Hatchling Studio

falling for florin handmade australian ceramic craft

all the new arrivals have inspired a fresh & simple home page . . .
lisa peri dish, ruby pilven rings & a sprig of lilli pilli from the garden :)  

Keep an eye out for interviews with Lisa, Erica, Pete & Hatchling Studio. And there's two new artists landing next week . . . you'll get a sneak peek as soon as stock arrives.  As always, I'll keep you in the loop via instagram

the new issue of Peppermint is out today!!
you better grab a copy to see some of the lovely things from the store.
- more on that soon!