meet Elnaz Nourizadeh

After a spontaneous visit to Northcote Pottery late last year I ended up chatting with potter, Sarah Schembri, who happened to be working in her studio that day. Before leaving, I mentioned to Sarah that I was on the lookout for emerging potters with a unique style . . . a few weeks later she introduced me to the work of Iranian-born Elnaz Nourizadeh. The 
colourful glazes & organic shapes of Elnaz's one-of-a-kind pieces caught my eye immediately! 

A hand-picked selection of Elnaz's ceramics can be found in the store
& there are more beautiful works on the way.

Read on to discover a little about Elnaz & her ceramics . . . 

Tell us a little about your art background & studies

I was born in 1985 in Tehran. I started pottery and ceramics when I was teenager, as a hobby, then I continued my work as my ceramic teacher’s assistant.  I studied Industrial Design at the university in Tehran. After university I started more ceramic work, and also pottery, and began teaching ceramics as a full time job.  

'blossom' bowl . . . inspired by native Iranian flowers (sold)

do you approach your making or glazing in a specific way?

I throw the tableware on the wheel then deform and shape them while each piece is drying. I don’t use moulds or templates - I improvise the shapes. For the glazes, I do some tests to see how the different glazes will react, and how they will look next to each other - I keep this in mind when I start glazing. Then I just pick up the brush and paint whatever comes to mind with each piece. 

what's the most exciting thing to happen so far in your creative career?

when I found a new home for my camouflage sculpture!

is there anything you hope your artwork gives to people or the world?

With my sculptures, I try to get people thinking about things happening around them. With my tableware, I want to bring a little colour and happiness into their everyday life.

is there anyone or anything that inspires you or your work?

my work is inspired by everything around me . . . everyday things I see in the streets, music I listen to, the news I read, or a new artwork that catches my eye.

what do you love most about Australia?

I haven't seen a lot of places in Australia yet, but I love Melbourne because it’s a calm city . . . and I really enjoy hearing the birds sing, the smell of eucalyptus trees and to see so many colours in nature.

Visit Elnaz's store page to find the collection of her work 

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