first new goods for 2015

new tumblers & winged creatures 
are the first creations to arrive for the new year

large dark turquoise tumblers by Susan Simonini . . .
the image doesn't do this colour justice!
each tumbler is hand-sculpted - pinched & coiled, not wheel-thrown
$35 / also available in aqua & white

pairs of winged Dugongs - exclusive to Falling for Florin
the second collab with Sydney artist, Emma Kidd aka Benconservato! 
each creature is drawn freehand then cut & handpainted . . .
& the thoughtful details are just lovely! 

handmade paper dugong by emma kidd benconservato for falling for florin

of course there's more Ruby Pilven porcelain rings in stock
& there were more half-moon necklaces but they sell so fast . . .
there'll be more arriving end of the month :) 

there'll be a beautiful new collection of ceramics arriving early in the year,
& some more exciting collabs in the works.

I look forward to introducing you
to some more super-talented Australian artists this year!

x x